Tony's Outboard Motors, LLC
Chief's Bait Shops #1 & #2
Michigan City Wholesale Bait
For all your boating and fishing needs!!
1114 W. 4th St (US Hwy 12)
Michigan City, Indiana
219 874-4086
Lake Village, IN
Michigan City, IN
Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 6AM-5PM
Saturday 6AM-5PM
Sunday 6AM-3PM
Welcome to the official website of Tony's Outboard Motors, LLC,
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new Chief's
Bait Shop #2 in Lake Village, IN.  Many things to explore in our
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Washington Park Pier
Michigan City, IN
Lake Michigan
Boat Shop Hours
Monday - Friday
Saturday 9AM-3PM
Closed on Sunday
You may still be able to drop
off your boat for servicing, call
ahead.  No services are
provided on the weekend and
there is no "immediate" service.
Bait Shop Hours
Please see the individual
store for hour info.

Chief's Bait carries a
variety of live bait:
Large night crawlers,
Small night crawlers, wax
worms (bee moss), red
wigglers, Red Worms &
seasonally we carry Leaf
Worms & Spikes.
Shiners (Perch), 3 sizes
of Golden Roaches
including Bass Minnows,
Fatheads (Crappie), XL
Fatheads (Walleye), Gold
Fish, Suckers & Rosy Reds
Misc Bait
Live Leeches
We deliver Monday
through Saturday.  Route
days vary depending
upon your location.  
Please call 219-874-6267
for details, prices,
delivery times and dates.
Boat Service & Parts
Bait & Tackle
Live Bait